Mechanical Engineering Technologist

Fort St John

To whom it may concern,

I am interested in relocating to Fort St John for a long-term position as a Project Coordinator with your company and believe I would be a valuable addition to your established team.

I graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Technologist program at Okanagan College in January of 2019. I am also enrolled in the UBC Project management certificate program through their distance education. Through these programs I have/will have gained the skills necessary for a role such as this. While working through these programs, I became passionate about the opportunity to be involved with a company that strives towards innovative and sustainable engineering.

In my short full-time tenure and extending to my Co-op work terms at Valley Comfort, I have contributed to many aspects of improvement including successfully redesigned a previously failing fireplace while improving test numbers, ease of assembly and lowering overall manufacturing costs. I am currently heading up my own project for a new fireplace with very promising drafts/prototypes.

My current role as a member of the Product Development/Engineering team at Valley Comfort has provided me with many valuable learning experiences such as how to tailor written and verbal directions to the specific individual, how to work as part of an effective team to achieve desired results and creating a marketable product based on consumer research and collaborative discussions.

Regarding my experience and skills to meet the expectations of this job:
• Product Design & Development: Updating existing products to comply with changing regulations as well as ever evolving aesthetic trends. Working with the development team to create and build products in a timely and cost effective manner.
• Project Coordination: Coordinate between various departments effectively and efficiently in regard to streamlining projects and prototypes. Ensuring all parties involved with active projects have the support and materials needed to accomplish tasks in the allotted timeline.

I wish to speak with you about this position in more detail. I can be reached by phone or email as seen above. Attached is my current resume that further details my abilities.

Connor McLeod


Sept 2016-Jan 2019

Mechanical Engineering Technologist at Okanagan College

Jun 2020-April 2021

Project Management Certificate at University of British Columbia

This is an online program.

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