We believe that collaboration with First Nations, and their communities, is crucial towards establishing economic and environmental wellness in Canada.

Infracon is committed to establishing and maintaining meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations through partnerships, joint ventures and working agreements. Infracon values these relationships. We believe that collaboration with First Nations, and their communities, is crucial to establishing economic and environmental wellness in Canada. We have worked with First Nations communities on a variety of projects and actively seek out these opportunities to work together. Infracon values its relationships and partnerships with First Nations communities and is dedicated to continuing collaboration within these communities.

At Infracon, we understand and respect the rights and heritage of First Nations people as it pertains to their land stewardship. As such, Infracon continually endeavours to begin with and maintain, through each project, open and consistent communications with our First Nations partners. Our full-time, dedicated First Nation’s Partnership Manager works with partners to ensure we optimize the community development needs of our partnerships.

Infracon believes that successful business relationships should be fostered with respect, honesty, integrity and inclusion. We will always strive to ensure our interactions are trusted, ethical and beneficial to both parties. We will continue to learn, respect, support and cultivate First Nations cultures and traditional values.


Teck Highland Valley Copper Crushing and Crusher Backstop Replacement Merritt, BC

Infracon/LNB entered into a limited partnership with Lower Nicola Indian Band, forming Lower Nicola Site Services (LNSS). LNSS was then contracted for 3 years by HVC to crush approximately 830,000 tonnes of road crush, and 65,000 tonnes of stemming crush per year. The crushing project was staffed by 75 percent Lower Nicola Indian Band members. LNSS was also contracted to build the concrete crusher backstop replacement. In order to minimize mine operations downtime, the crusher backstop had to be replaced in a short period of time. To date, 6 months steady state operation without recordable incident.


Infracon / LNB partnered with the Lower Nicola Indian Band for two BC Hydro Transmission Line Projects in Merritt BC.

Together the projects involved the construction of approximately 40 km of new access roads, upgrading of 90 km of existing roads and the clearing of 300 hectares. Infracon / LNB’s GPS equipped excavators, dozers and rock trucks complemented the fleet of equipment on-site. Joint venture partnering on the project resulted in the employment of many local First Nations sub-contractors and employees. As well as the use of First Nation member owned equipment. The project had 11,354 man-hours with no lost time incidents.

“The Lower Nicola Indian Band has been involved in numerous joint venture projects with LNB Construction Inc. since 2012. During this time, we have found LNB Construction to be committed to growing the partnership and expanding the opportunities available to both the Band and members of the community. Most recently, we have been working with LNB Construction on all phases of the Merritt Area Transmission (MAT) Project for BC Hydro. Throughout this project we have found the team at LNB to be committed to working in partnership with us in order to provide BC Hydro with a high quality, well managed project.”

Todd Chamberlain, Natural Resources Manager, Lower Nicola Indian Band