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Planning & Management Services

Your budget, timeline, and the earth are our priority. Infracon uses advanced technology to survey and design projects, and we can handle your project, office, and site management too!

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Earth-Moving & Environment

Infracon is known for moving as little dirt as possible to deliver projects on budget, on time, with the smallest environmental footprint. We’ll prep your site and handle factors like erosion, waste, and snow.

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Whether you’re building a pipeline, electrical line, or road, Infracon is ready! We build everything from mines, to landfills, and septic systems.

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Supplies & Maintenance

Concrete, gravel, sand, fuel, excavators, dozers, and packers. Whether it’s project supplies or heavy equipment needed for your job site, Infracon will manage your project supplies and maintenance.

Safety & Associations

Looking to save money on your next construction project? We’ve saved our clients over $6 Million in the last 24 months using GPS Machine Control.

Committed to Our Customers


Unlike other earthworks companies who only provide a small part of your project requirements, Infracon offers full-service solutions. From design to project completion, stay on track, on budget, and don’t worry about managing multiple contractors.


You get cutting edge technology that hones in on how the survey and the design will or won’t work together to accomplish what you need done. Know this piece of the puzzle before you start to dig with Infracon. Read More.


Infracon has built our business and reputation on the promise to provide our clients with cost-efficient and high quality and high tech service. Our expertise using GPS technology sets us apart as an industry leader.

40+ Years of Civil Construction

[object object] Infracon lnb and iec duotone 250x300 onInfracon is a progressive, award-winning, industrial service provider. Formerly known by names such as LNB Construction and Minex Contractors, Infracon has evolved through strategic merges, acquisitions, and partnerships, with an official name change in 2018.

Infracon thinks different about projects from conception to completion. An industry leader, we differentiate through technology and efficiency facilitated by our commitment to education, innovation, and environment. We value integrity and compassion for our teams, clients, and communities and are proud to partner with other companies who share our values, including a number of Canadian First Nations groups. Our unique approach to First Nations partnerships ensures mutual success, and we believe that collaboration with communities is crucial when projects are on traditional land.


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Our First Nation Partner Group of Companies

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