Our philosophy

Infracon is focused on minimizing the environmental impact
of every project, we undertake.

Creating a better tomorrow, together — one job at a time.

Our corporate philosophy is simple: To deliver innovative quality projects on-time and on-budget, while respecting and committing to our people, and to community and environmental sustainability.

We conduct business in a way that promotes well-being, prosperity, and respect for the people and land where we work and we lead by example, with local inclusion throughout the engagement process strategy. Hiring locally wherever practical and maintaining an existing pool of labour resources from which to draw on, Infracon employs a diverse, highly-qualified and experienced workforce.

We’re also dedicated to exceeding the requirements necessary to reduce our industrial footprint and proud to keep this commitment by using biodegradable oil in our machines and electronic management software systems for our safety, equipment and project reporting. Plus, we work with experts to find innovative ways to protect wildlife and natural areas and water supplies, because we want to build a better tomorrow.

Infracon's Core Values:

Safety Starts with You

Personal commitment to safety not only keeps you safe, but others safe around you. Safety should be part of every conversation, no matter who anyone speaks to at Infracon.

Environment & The Community

Infracon believes that we are an important part of the communities we live and work in and that caring for and being actively involved participants, while exercising and promoting good environment stewardship, makes sense.

Certainty of Execution

Infracon's clients expect that the job will be done right, on-time and on-budget. No excuses.


Infracon supports and rewards employees for being innovative, thinking outside-of- the-box, and finding better ways to leverage technology, experience and creativity to solve problems and to deliver a better product.

Act with Integrity & Respect

We believe in doing a job well, with integrity and honour. That's how we treat our clients and our employees. We continuously strive to be a leader, providing best in-class, reliable, fair, principled and trustworthy products and services. Bigotry, racism, harassment and hate are not tolerated.

We Are a Team

We win and lose together. We don't let our egos or personal agendas get in the way of doing what is best for all stakeholders — the Infracon team, our clients, our suppliers and our community.