GPS survey equipment means you can measure with an accuracy never before achieved. Be confident that you are where you need to be when you use GPS technology that provides high precision solutions to surveying that is accomplished in less time and with less manpower than in the past.

How It Works

GPS survey equipment takes the multiple person teams out of the equation. You only need one surveyor using the advanced robotic system to carry out positioning tasks. This leaves your other crew members free to perform additional crucial work on the site.
Powerful hardware and software work together to survey the site. While standing at the active jobsite, a single file can be immediately downloaded into the robotic software, which enables the surveyor to begin processing the site. GPS technology lets a single individual determine the parameters of the jobsite easily and quickly. This equipment also allows the site manager to connect with the field software so that the survey can be managed while it happens. The entire system lets you control time, data, and profitability in an easy to use solution.
Infracon uses TOPCON GPS survey equipment, the industry’s leading, highly innovative solution for earthworks applications.

Benefits of GPS Survey Equipment

GPS survey equipment greatly reduces the time spent on surveying as compared to the manual practice, and allows connectivity between the surveyor and the office support personnel to ensure that production is being completed as efficiently as possible.
You can have your site ready to process much faster when using GPS survey equipment and feel confident that the technology functions with more precision than a human operator could. GPS survey equipment also requires much less manpower to get the job done faster and with more accuracy, a double win.
Because your surveying is only as good as the data received, taking human error out of the equation allows you to arrive at production more quickly and with less chance of errors. GPS survey equipment technology performs all of the difficult calculations instantly and allows you to get ready for development much faster.

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