Your budget, timeline, and the earth are our priority.

Surveys ensure that projects are built in the right place, and to the engineers’ or architects’ drawing specifications. Infracon is proud to use cutting-edge GPS technology that allows for quick and easy surveying, showing coordinates with precise 5mm range. Surveys help to understand what’s below the earth’s surface, and our experts are highly skilled at factoring in obstacles and contingency planning.

All Infracon projects are designing to move least amount of dirt possible. For example, see the Peace River Coal project.

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3D Project Design

Visualize your project from conception to completion.

3D modelling allows you to visualize through every stage, documenting, and analyzing your project. Clearly illustrating how earthwork volumes and water drainage work, 3D models allow you to interactively edit project design surfaces, balancing cut and fill.  Virtual models of existing terrain, watercourses, and environmental restrictions help determine the best design to fit your project requirements on your site.

In addition to still images, virtual walk through and fly over simulations are also available to give you the best, full-project picture for smarter and faster decision making. Please see the Peace River Coal project for an example.

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Project Management

Decrease project uncertainties with professional project management.

When working with Infracon, our industry-leading experts will handle all aspects of your project, leaving you focused on your regular day-to-day. Delivering projects on time, and on budget while enriching communities and maintaining stewardship of the environment is the name of our game. In fact, we normally bring projects in under budget.

Infracon has extensive experience managing large projects and a vast network to maximize efficiency. View our project with Stuart Olson – TRU ITTC for an example.

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Office Management

Our experienced and efficient office team will handle all your administration, management, and coordination responsibilities.

From scheduling and coordinating hotshots, contractors, and vendors to accounting service like accounts payable and receivable, Infracon even handles HR and safety services like hiring, training, and onsite ambulances.

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Site Management & Security

With over 40 years of experience Infracon teams constantly strive to do things even better than they have been done before. We’re committed to safety compliance and up to date with the latest training and technologies to ensure quality and security.

Trust Infracon to manage your site with integrity and expertise.

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