Infracon is committed to safety across all measures of our business, and we have created a fully comprehensive safety program to meet or exceed safety requirements set by occupational health and safety (OH&S) regulations, legislation and industry safety standards in all areas.

Infracon has been COR certified since 2007 and performs continuous internal and external audits to ensure our safety standards are maintained consistently and that our safety program undergoes continuous improvement. This program is the centre of our operations as it provides our people with the means to perform their duties in a safe and productive manner. Infracon understands that improved loss control equals improved quality and production management systems.

Part of that focus includes educating and training our people for the different responsibilities that each role plays in the development of a safety culture.  Every employee will take a general and site specific orientation (including WHMIS), which provide detailed descriptions about safe work procedures and processes and how his or her role adds to Infracon’s safety culture. These orientations provide a clear understanding of individual accountability and responsibility for safety performance.  Additional training is provided on an ongoing basis including, but not limited to: supervisor training, inspections, investigations, leadership skills, first aid, confined space, fall protection, H2S, TDG, ground disturbance, Joint Health and Safety Committee, etc.

All safety issues and incidents are discussed and reviewed at all levels; our Safety Committee is a great employee resource for discussing and resolving health and safety issues, and developing a team approach to workplace health and safety. It is understood that safety issues will be reviewed and assessed with the contribution and input of employees, supervisors, and senior managers.

Safety Initiatives

Employee safety is our most important priority at Infracon. We want to make sure that every person who steps on our job sites- whether employee, contractor, or inspector -can safely go about their business with minimal risk.

To achieve this level of security, we’ve instituted several initiatives, a few of which are:

  • A full-time safety staff is charged with ensuring that all safety standards are readily available, communicated and understood. They work closely with crew members to make sure safety measures are continuously reinforced and appropriately encouraged.
  • Infracon understands that having a strong and effective safety program that is supported by managers will have a positive effect on personal values within our organization. Strong and evident management commitment and safety leadership are vital to this process at Infracon.
  • To demonstrate safety as a workplace culture, Infracon’s senior management leads a Safety Day on an annual basis for all employees that focuses on our dedicated Health and Safety Program and how it relates to WorkSafeBC standards.

Infracon promotes a culture that includes organizational management, communication, participation, transparency, and employee empowerment.  Employee participation in safety processes allows them to have ownership of the program and to feel empowered and involved, and improves morale and attitude.

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