Stephanie Simard
1328 Nanaimo St. Kamloops, BC V2B 2W1, Cell: 1-778-220-2002


Bachelor of Natural Resource Science Program                                                   Kamloops, BC

Thompson Rivers University                                                                                            2013-2021



Aboriginal Studies Certificate                                                                                 Kamloops, BC

Thompson Rivers University                                                                                            2020-2021



Demonstrated Skills & Experience
Forestry and Equipment Experience

●       Completion of soil assessments in the field to determine the type of soil present in the area.

●       Completion of stream and wetland assessments in the field to determine the type of stream/wetland and if fish are or could be present. This allows us to know the protection barriers we need to put on the streams and wetlands.

●       Hands on experience changing tires, chaining up tires, as well as loading and unloading snowmobiles and quads into trucks.

●       Completion of the layout for potential permanent roads, skid trails, and skid crossings.

●       Identification of trees and plants in the Interior of British Columbia.

●       Obtained knowledge of the Bio Geo Climatic Zones within BC.

●       Hands on experience testing the PH, density, shape, texture, and types of soils.

●       Hands on and field experience to ID deciduous/conifer trees, herbs, shrubs, and grasses Native to BC and Western Canada.

●       Operated power equipment such as a pallet mover, weed eaters, lawn movers, as well as pruning tools.

●       Forestry tools such as Cruising Equipment, GPS units, Crown Densitometer – estimating crown cover, Increment Borer – to extract a section of wood tissue from a living tree with a relatively minor injury to the plant itself, Clinometer – measuring slopes and angles of trees, Bark gage – determining bark thickness, Increment Hammer – retrieving core samples, Scanner – able to view tree core samples and determine their age by using the scanner to calculate the rings. Maps- able to read and understand maps of the area that are being worked in and able to navigate my way through the blocks or potential blocks. Compass – To determine the direction you need to go.


Outdoor Experience/ Recreational Activities

●       Recreational: Camper, Fisher, Snowmobiler, and Hiker (All Seasons)




Additional Qualifications:

●       Competing at a Nation Level for many years with my wrestling has thought me the importance of self-evaluation, self-dedication, and creating a drive for what I want to accomplishment.

●       A high fitness level provides me with a high energy level to hike all day or be on my feet for long periods of time.

●       Working with the knowledge of safety in the forest, as there are hazardous situations surrounding you.

●       Coaching has taught me how to encourage people, stay organized, manage, and include everyone’s option to provide a positive and well-rounded outcome

●       Good working knowledge with MS Excel, Work, and Outlook through school and work experience.

●       Ability to recognize and solve conflict through work experience and Coaching teenagers.


Employment History
Forsite Consultants                                                                                                   Kamloops, BC

Junior Forest Technician                                                                                 2018-2020 September

●       Cruiser

●       Douglas fir bark and pole beetle assessments and layout

●       Block Layout

●       Streams, soils, and wetland assessments

●       The layout of blocks, major roads, and trail crossings


Baileys Pub                                                                                                                Kamloops, BC

Server/Bartender                                                                                        2020 September- Current

●       Serving food and alcohol responsibly

●       Recognize problematic situations and deal with conflict

●       Responsible for lock up of bar.


White Buffalo First Nation and Metis Health Society                                           Kamloops, BC

Office Administrator Assistant                                                                      December 2017 – 2019

●       In charge of answering phones, photocopying,

and organization.

●       Organizing and participating in community events

for the less fortunate.

·         The use of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook

·         Recognize problematic situations and deal with conflict


Integrated Pro Action Corporation                                                                        Kamloops, BC

Junior Forest Technician                                                                                              2017 Summer

●       GPS and Boundary Painting

●       The layout of blocks, major roads, and trail crossings

●       Soil, site, and stream assessments


BC Liquor Distribution Branch (Yearly work)                                                      Kamloops, BC

Assembler/ Pallet Mover Operator                                                                                    2015-2017

●       Relied on to do my part to make the workplace a safe environment.

●       Customer service, making sure every store receives their orders.


Volunteer Experience
Norkam Secondary Sr. Girls Volleyball Coach                                                     Kamloops, BC

●       Head coach                                                                     September 2019 – November 2019

●       Responsible for teaching the players the skills to be

successful at volleyball.

●       Time and team management skills.


White Buffalo First Nation and Metis Health society                                           Kamloops, BC

●       In charge of answering phones, photocopying,                                 December 2016 – 2017

and organization.

●       Organizing and taking part in community events for

the less fortunate.


Operation Red Nose                                                                                                 Kamloops, BC

●       Was responsible of the safety of others.                                                       December 2016

●       Drove people to their homes with their cars.

●       Raised money for Pacific sport.


TRU McQueen Lake Environment Study Camp                                                  Kamloops, BC

McQueen Lake                                                                                                     October 16th, 2016

●       Helped Grade 11’s takes tree core samples, DBH

of trees, as well as identifying tree and plant species.


Coaching Experience:

●       Rugby Coach at Norkam Secondary                                                                    2014/2018

●       Volleyball Coach at A.E.Perry                                                                                      2014

●       Wrestling Coach at Norkam Secondary                                                               2012-2013

●       Soccer Coach with the Kamloops youth club                                                      2011-2013

●       Wrestling Coach at Brock Secondary                                                                           2012


Western Canada Summer Games                                                                           Kamloops, BC

Mac Park Arena                                                                                                                          2013

●       Made Lunches/ Score Kept


Additional Training and Certification
●       Serving it Right Certificate                                                                                             2020

●       Bear Aware Safety Training                                                                                           2019

●       Lotto                                                                                                                               2019

●       WMHIS                                                                                                                          2019

●       First Aid Level 1                                                                                                             2017

●       Pallet Mover operator                                                                                            2015/2017

●       Class 5 Driver’s License                                                                                                 2014


Murray Ward

Manager of Forsite

Kamloops BC



Andrew Koverko

GM of Carlos O Bryans

Kamloops BC



John Karakatsoulis

Thompson Rivers University

BNRS Program Advisor



Karl Larsen

Thompson Rivers University

Professor, Wildlife Ecology & Management




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