Excavator operator

Kelowna, BC

Nice to meet you, I’m Shawna Theriault. I have attached my resume for you if you find my work history appealing.

I’ve been operating equipment on a payroll since 2006, starting out with a water and sewer background for seven years where I ran various equipment until settling on excavators. Beyond that I have been working on big inch pipeline projects in Western Canada, having the versatility to work on any of the crews within the full length of those projects.

I should mention a short stint on an industrial project where we worked around a lot of rebar and varying foundation grades, but after only being at Abalone for a month I left to go back into the bush in 2014.

My resume may not go into great depth regarding my hotline experience. Throughout my operating history I have always worked around foreign lines as well as our own, from backfill to digging under all lines during water and sewer expansion projects within the cities. More recently working under and over powerlines, digging for hotline crossings and ovality digs on pipeline.

The versatility I can demonstrate also includes the ability to drive an articulating rock truck, Backhoe, long stick excavators, packers and loaders.

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