Spectra Energy – Flowsplitter

The SEMC Flowsplitter Project involved installing a metering facility adjacent to the existing Highway Gas Plant owned and operated by Spectra Energy. This metering facility will receive and divert up to 200 MMcf/d of inlet sour gas and associated natural gas liquids (NGLs) into three flow directions:
The Highway Gas Plant
The reactivated Aitken Creek Gas Plant
The gathering system flowing south to SET’s McMahon Gas Plant
This Contract was to complete the civil requirements in order to prepare the site for the Flowsplitter installation. The site works included:

  • Cut / Fill to balance site
  • Level site using GPS dozer
  • Cut slopes utilizing GPS Excavator to achieve designed
  • Design retaining wall and install lock blocks for bank stabilization
  • Install silt fencing and ditching to maintain environmental requirements
  • Redesign and construct entrance road