Peace River Coal – Roman Water Management

What the Client Said

“LNB successfully completed the water management infrastructure project for Anglo American’s Peace River Coal operation in the summer of 2014. The project was particularly challenging given the terrain, the extremely tight construction window and the high degree of environmental controls needed to mitigate the construction impacts on the adjacent environmentally sensitive Babcock Creek near Tumbler Ridge. As Project Director, I was very impressed by the professionalism of the LNB’s site team, their willingness to work together with the client project team and their expertise in the operation of GPS controlled equipment. As a result the project exceeded expectation by achieving the safety, environment, quality, time and budget milestones.”

Keith Prakke, Project Director

LNB was responsible for the construction of the water management system for the Roman Pit Expansion of the Peace River Coal mine. This project included the construction of:

  • 80,000m3 of Drill & Blast Rock Removal to fill and disposal
  • 45,000m2 of Bituminous Geomembrane Liner Installation including 6,000m3 of till cover over blasted rock faces.
  • 200,000m3 of Overburden Excavation
  • 60,000m3 of fill for Berms
  • 3 km of collection ditches
  • 50,000 m3 top soil stripping
  • 80,000m2 of Clearing and Grubbing
  • Access and Permanent Road construction
  • 25,000m3 of rip rap production and placement