Peace River Coal – Phase 4 & 5 Water Management

In 2012, LNB Construction completed both the Phase 4 and Phase 5 Water Management projects for Peace River Coal.  The projects entailed close work with the engineer on both design and construction.  LNB worked in conjunction with PRC’s environmental division to ensure the protection of a fish bearing stream as well as the installation of culverts, check damns and silt fencing.  The projects included the following scopes of work:

  • Pre-floc pond
  • 55,000m3 sedimentation pond
  • 3km + of collection ditches
  • 140,000m3 of topsoil stripping and hauling
  • Temporary and permanent road construction
  • Extensive erosion control measures

LNB Construction Inc. was commended by the owner on our ability to complete the project on schedule and we were recognized for our high safety standards.