MD Greenview – Forestry Trunk Rd

What the Client Said

“LNB Construction has recently completed two grading projects with the M.D. of Greenview near Grande Cache and Ridgevalley Alberta over the past 3 years. They have done a commendable job on both projects with full owner satisfaction and I have found their superintendents and operators’ to be cooperative and conscientious. LNB Construction personnel have been knowledgeable and profession in all aspects of their work. Each grading project presented various challenges and in each case, those problems were resolved in an efficient and timely manner.”

Greg Rantala, Project Manager, GENIVAR

LNB Construction was contracted by the Municipality of Greenview to complete an extension of the Forest Trunk Road project which was a large scale hauling operation in the heart of the rocky mountain foothills that involved moving an estimated 500,000 m3 of material which included up to 25m cuts and up to 20m fills. Using GPS controlled excavators ranging from JD350-JD850, GPS controlled dozers and a fleet of articulated rock trucks, as well as necessary support equipment such as packers and graders, the hauling was completed with time to spare and without incident despite encountering solid rock and requiring the facilitation of a blasting operation. The new roadway was built over two oil and gas pipelines that were exposed with care and armored with pre-formed concrete protective pads. As with all projects our company works on, a continued dedication to preserving the environment is one of our greatest concerns.

  • Clear-cut, brush and clear road alignment; build corduroy pathways over streams and bogs
  • Installation of silt fence, spring berm, coconut matting and other environmental control measures
  • Installation of 1400mm, 1200mm, and 900mm culverts ranging from 60 meters to 110 meters in length
  • Cut and fill large quantity of material and haul, place and compact material
  • Spread topsoil and seed disturbed areas with region specific seed mix as well as clean up all construction materials