Kinder Morgan – Integrity Digs

Lemieux Creek

  • In stream works for pipeline remediation work
  • Scope of work involved danger tree removals, water pumping, construction of temporary fish habitat, supply, installation and removal of temporary Enviro Bridge

Avola Valve

  • Protection of Pipeline Valve
  • Involved work in close proximity to Highway 5
  • Protection works involved survey, stripping, supply & place of backfill, placement of aggregates and new asphalt pavement

Miledge Creek – 2 Phases

     Phase 1

  • In stream works to protect a portion of pipeline that had become exposed due to scour
  • Work included armouring Creek banks with Class 2 riprap and native materials

     Phase 2

  • Additional armouring due to a major flood event involved removal of riprap, re-sloping bank, placing of Class 2 and 3 riprap, installation of interlocking riprap boulders, anchoring rocks with steel cable ties and epoxy tie adhesive, backfilling of slope with gravel

Swift Creek Remediation

  • Work performed to repair erosion along the river that left pipeline inadequately covered
  • In Stream works involved the supply and installation of riprap along the streambed and stream banks
  • Required the dewatering of the work area and hand exposing of pipeline for KMC to perform inspection and repairs

McMurphy Pump Station

  • Pump Station Containment upgrade involved stripping, excavation, PVC & CS drainage pipe installation, impermeable membrane liner installation in pond & catchment area, site grading, installation of pipe bollard, exfiltration trench and placement of erosion protection riprap

Britton Creek

  • In stream works for anomaly digs
  • Hand exposing of pipeline for KMC to perform inspections
  • Involved rock removal under pipeline using grout injection to fracture rocks

Coquihalla Remediation and Anomaly Investigations

  • In stream works involved dewatering and the supply and install of riprap along streambed and stream banks and installation of concrete set-on weights
  • Hand exposing pipeline for inspection and repairs by KMC
  • Required the work site at each pipe location to be isolated from flowing waters
  • Removal of 60m of non-conforming pipe