Goldstream Mine Reclamation

Detailed Information


July 2022 – September 2022


Goldstream (Revelstoke), BC


JDS Energy & Mining Inc.



PROJECT Snapshot

Infracon Construction Inc. (Infracon) was contracted by JDS Energy and Mining Inc on behalf of Osisko Development to construct two stabilizing buttress’ and toe berms required to improve geotechnical stability of the existing Tailings Storage Facility. The buttress consisted of earthwork bulk fill with water management in the form of a filter blanket and finger drains to accommodate water and seepage management.

Infracon Completed the project utilizing our fleet of GPS Equipment including multiple excavators ranging from our John Deere and Linkbelt 350G’s, our Komatsu D61 and D65, John Deere 850K Dozers, 4 x 30 Tonne John Deere Rock Trucks along with support equipment such as water trucks and compaction equipment.

This project site was fairly remote and otherwise untouched for an extended period of time prior to Infracon’s mobilization. Crews upgraded access routes from the main entrance and cleared space for laydowns and the borrow sources before work could begin on the buttress’. Once established onsite, Infracon was prepared with multiple work fronts actively engaged to mitigate against environmental concerns in the wilderness area and the impending frog migration towards the work zones that would cause schedule delays. With control measures in place, earthwork placement was undertaken efficiently through to project completion.


Infracon has a long-standing commitment to have a strong local presence in the communities in which we operate. We strive to be a leader in Indigenous Peoples inclusion through partnerships, joint ventures and working agreements. Our commitment is to build sustainable lasting relationships that provide well-being, prosperity, and respect for the people and land where we work.

We strive to work with Indigenous peoples within the Canadian legal and constitutional framework using our model of inclusion through local project related opportunities, local hiring, local procurement opportunities, partnerships, joint ventures and working agreements. Our Indigenous Peoples Commitment Policy supports business decisions on a day-to-day basis as well as pledges our partnerships, recruitment, employment and training goals.

We foster a working environment that has no barriers to entry or advancement for everyone. We develop Indigenous Peoples employment opportunities by partnering with local communities to provide educational programs that have specific industry related training, coaching and into long-term positions. We are committed to long-term capacity building with a diverse workforce through employment and training, such as:

  • Culturally relevant training that builds leadership capacity and breaks down barriers by using materials and methods that align to Indigenous values.
  • Mentorship and job coaching to transition project workers to career positions.
  • First offer of refusal for employment.
  • Preferential contracts to member-owned businesses.


Total man-hours 10,032
Indigenous man-hours 1,645
Total project employees 42
Total female employees 5
Total indigenous employees 3
Total number of BC residents 39

Key Highlights

  • 12,000m3 Cut to fill
  • 52,000m3 of locally sourced till borrow materials
  • 64,000m3 of fill placement
  • 7,500m3 of imported drainage material placement
  • 375m of HDPE perforated drain-pipe installation
  • 3,110m2 of non-woven geotextile placement


“Infracon successfully completed a project for Westpro Infrastructure in Fort McMurray, Alberta in the summer 2013. I found their management team to be committed to the completion of a top quality project. Infracon personnel were knowledgeable, hard-working and professional in all aspects of their work. Infracon simply performed a miracle – mobilized in one week notice and was able to complete earth and civil works on time in spite of the record-breaking wettest summer in 30 years.”