Altagas – Forrest Kerr Crushing

LNB provided concrete aggregates for the Burnco batch plant at the AltaGas hydroelectric run of the river project. The aggregates produced were used in shot-crete to stabilize the walls of a 7km long tunnel blasted through a mountain as the course way for the river being harnessed, in the footings and walls of the powerhouse structure, as well as slabs and foundations as needed for crane pads and structures being erected. The crushing operation took place in an area where the porous lava beds required great means of spill prevention as to maintain the purity of the many nearby waterways and Salmon spawning grounds as well as being a culturally sensitive area for the indigenous Tahltan first nations.

  • 28-14mm concrete aggregate
  • 14-5mm concrete aggregate
  • 40-5mm concrete aggregate
  • 28-5mm concrete aggregate
  • 20-5mm concrete aggregate
  • 10-5mm concrete aggregate
  • 75mm sgsb
  • Manufactured sand