Omicron – BC Transit Kamloops

Being a multi purpose company has its advantages. Our diversity as a company allowed us to work on all aspects of the required ground works for BC Transits new site in Kamloops. The adjacent yard to the existing transit station had been a long abandoned dump site for asphalt, concrete and other demolition debris and, having been chosen for the new construction site, our diversity as a company was implemented in various facets of the job. LNB Construction mobilized our crushing units and it’s crew to recycle the large pile of construction waste to be used as SGSB in the building footprint, installed an intricate array of catch basins, manholes, water mains, gate valves, and various other utilities and successfully tied the site into the city. Upon completion of the new structure, our company demolished the old transit site and completed the storm water system and parking area.

  • Crush and recycle a large stockpile of existing construction waste.
  • Trench, install, and backfill manholes, catch basins, and all other utilities for the site as well as tie in and complete to civil inspection specifications.
  • Sub-excavate the grounds and bring to grade for the new buildings footprint and roadways/parking lots.
  • GPS accuracy achieved on all graded pipelines and sub/finish grades along with producing a comprehensive GPS as-built map of all works constructed.
  • The safe and incident free demolition of a medium sized structure and properly prepped the old footprint for paving.