Alex Fraser Bridge Capacity Improvements

Detailed Information


2018 – 2019


Delta, B.C.


Eiffage Innovative Canada Inc.


$3.3 Million

PROJECT Snapshot

The Alex Fraser Bridge Capacity Improvements Project, located on Hwy 91 in Delta, B.C., involved stripping, excavation, pre-loading and road construction works, and the installation of the storm drainage. This project consisted of capacity improvements on the existing bridge, including widening of Highway 91 north and south of the bridge and adding a seventh lane to the bridge itself.

Traffic and winter weather conditions in Vancouver created several challenges. Multiple utility crossings on Highway 91 on the south side of the bridge were installed by open cut, requiring the staging of construction and the use of temporary retaining walls to support the traffic.

All of the storm system and import materials required traffic lane closures and were performed at night during allowable hours. Due to the multiple parties taking part, a strong project coordination team was assigned to the project to alleviate any challenges.

Alex Fraser Bridge 6

Key Highlights

  • 15,000 m3 of stripping and Type D excavation to fill or disposal.
  • Supply and installation of 18,000 m3 of 25 mm road base.
  • Installation of approximately 600 Lm of CB leads and culverts, including 48 Lm of 1,500 mm CSP across Hwy 91.
  • Infilling and abandoning existing culverts, utilizing Fillcrete cement product.
  • 500 m2 of trench patching.
  • 48Lm of 1,500 mm CSP across Highway 91 installed.
  • 1,692 Indigenous man-hours.
  • 93 percent of employees were B.C. residents.


“Infracon successfully completed a project for Westpro Infrastructure in Fort McMurray, Alberta in the summer 2013. I found their management team to be committed to the completion of a top quality project. Infracon personnel were knowledgeable, hard-working and professional in all aspects of their work. Infracon simply performed a miracle – mobilized in one week notice and was able to complete earth and civil works on time in spite of the record-breaking wettest summer in 30 years.”