Nicola Mines/Craigmont Quarry Project

Lower Nicola Site Services (LNSS), a partnership between Infracon and the Lower Nicola Indian Band Corp., established production at Nicola Mines Quarry & Gravel Pit in May 2022. The quarry supplies riprap, aggregates, concrete rock and sand to local companies. Our materials are used on projects throughout the local area, including on the Trans Mountain […]

Peace River Coal Project (Phase Two)

Infracon was contracted by Anglo-American to complete the water management portion of their Roman Pit Expansion. Time lines were very tight on the project and there were significant liquidated damages for late completion and a bonus structure for completing early. Infracon achieved early completion bonuses by mobilizing a large fleet of equipment, including excavators (Cat […]

Peace River Coal Project (Phase One)

Infracon was contracted by Anglo-American to complete a two-phased project that involved rock blasting, drilling, and road construction, including riprap placement and production, topsoil stripping, pond construction and pipeline integrity works.