More Than Just Construction, LNB Provides Equipment & Maintenance Solutions

Maximize your employees’ time and minimize your project’s costs by outsourcing routine services and renting equipment.

Heavy Equipment Rental

Why buy expensive earthworks and other construction equipment you may only use a few times a year? You can rent any equipment, with or without an operator. Count on LNB’s large fleet of equipment brought to your site in excellent condition and ready to go.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Does your equipment need maintenance and repair to function in top condition? Eliminate equipment downtime by outsourcing your maintenance to LNB. Or need a maintenance call on site for one of your heavy equipment? Call LNB, and we’ll send someone right out.

Facility & Yard Maintenance

Construction sites can get messy. Contract your facility and yard maintenance with LNB and get your site graveled, leveled as needed, or regraded a couple times per year. If you have heavy traffic on dirt roads, consider adding dust suppression to your list of services needed.

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