Decrease Project Uncertainties with Proper Project Management

You get the industry leading experts by contracting with LNB Construction and using our combined experience and advanced technology to bring projects in on time and on budget. In fact, we normally bring projects in under budget.

You can focus your efforts on more important things when LNB Construction takes over project management. We have extensive experience in managing large projects like yours from the planning phase through to project completion.

Key engineering firms have worked with LNB Construction on successful design and build services, and we have excellent relationships with them all. Use our connections to maximize your project’s efficiency.

Project Office Management Services

When you partner with LNB Construction, you get an experienced and efficient office team that handles all your administration, management, and coordination responsibilities like:

  • Scheduling and coordinating hotshots, contractors, vendors, etc.
  • Accounting services like accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, etc.
  • HR services like hiring, training, and managing
  • Safety services like providing training and safety officers onsite, providing first aid and training for onsite ambulances, training for certifications, etc.

Construction Management

If you need help managing all aspects of your job site, call on LNB Construction. We have the experience and expertise to manage all of the sub-trades we don't supply outside of earthworks. We have invoice and bill clients, manage change orders, and perform all of the on-the-job-site services needed to keep your project on track and on budget.
Project Example: Construction Management Project

On Site Fueling

LNB Construction offers you a fleet of fuel trucks that can bring diesel or gasoline to your site and fill up your containers. Since every site needs fuel, let us help keep you topped off so you never run the risk of running low on fuel.
Project Example: On Site Fueling Project

Fire Watch and Suppression

LNB Construction can send out an experienced team to your job site to spray brush and even respond to fires. The majority of our heavy equipment is listed with the governments of BC and Alberta for wild fire services. We can clear brush ahead of wild fires to try to keep wild fires contained.
Project Example: Fire Watch and Suppression Project

Dust Suppression

Job sites are dusty environments.In order to keep the dust at manageable, breathable levels, LNB Construction has a fleet of water trucks to spray your site and suppress dust. In addition, we can help you keep environmentally sensitive areas like fish bearing creeks or animal habitat areas clear of excess dust.
Project Example: Dust Suppression

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