“We believe that collaboration with Indigenous Peoples and their communities, is crucial when the activity is on traditional land.”

- Infracon Board of Directors

Infracon is committed to establishing and maintaining meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous groups through partnerships, joint ventures, or working agreements.

Proudly Canadian, we believe that collaboration with Indigenous people, and their communities, is crucial when the activity is on traditional land. We understand and respect the rights and heritage of Indigenous communities as related to land stewardship. We begin with, and maintain throughout, sensitivity concerning the communities where we operate. We believe in supporting Indigenous culture and traditional values and have full-time, dedicated Indigenous representatives to optimize the needs and requirements of all projects and partnerships. It is our belief that successful business relationships are fostered with respect, compassion, integrity, and inclusion. Our main goal is that all interactions are ethical, and ultimately beneficial for both parties.

We are actively seeking new projects and partnerships and are proud to offer a limited partnership structure whereby Indigenous Peoples are majority stakeholders with Infracon the minority. This approach has proven extremely successful with a variety of projects across various locations.

Our unique understanding and approach includes 3 key facets: training and employment, procurement, and social investments. We are both local and career-focused, committed to investing in Indigenous employment, environment, and community programs. Infracon provides internships, mentorships, and specialized job training. We are committed to the health and safety of everyone involved with our projects, and we work with unions and higher-education organizations for the end goal of creating more jobs and transitioning project workers into career positions. Our long-term vision includes working closely with Indigenous to identify business opportunities and strategies that support sustainable development. We are happy to provide preferential procurement opportunities for First Nations member-owned businesses as well as invest in projects and technology to support community programs including environmental protection and remediation.

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