Career Opportunities Available

Infracon is regularly on the lookout for proficient professionals and tradespeople of all skill levels and experience to join our team. We seek individuals possessing strong leadership qualities, high initiative, exceptional technical abilities, and strong communication, and interpersonal skills.

We frequently seek qualified candidates in the following functional areas:

Pipeline Operations:

Pipeline maintenance personnel including labourers, heavy equipment operators, and NACE technicians.
Site Safety: safety advisors, first aid attendants, medics.

Pipeline integrity means ensuring a pipeline and all its related components are running properly and most important keeping the pipeline safe for life. It is critical that all Pipeline Operations applicants have valid First Aid Level 1, H2S Alive, and Ground Disturbance Level 2 (classroom training mandatory).

Operations Support:

Cost Controls & Accounting: accounting and financial analysts.

Infracon success comes from having positive, highly motivated, and engaged employees- We offer training programs and support continued education to help our people learn new skills and develop their abilities in order to advance within and outside the company. We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion- all qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.

Submit a resume and copies of training certificates using the resume submission form.

Resumes are maintained in our files for one year and your qualifications will be considered for any future openings.

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    Our Company

    Collaborative. Inspiring. Exciting. Rewarding....words commonly used to describe careers at Infracon.  [object object] Careers Bessborough
    Collaborative. Inspiring. Exciting. Rewarding....words commonly used to describe careers at Infracon.

    We are an integrated earthworks entity with extensive earth moving equipment and crews working on a variety of earthworks & civil construction projects in the gas, pipeline, mining and commercial sectors.
    We are committed to building sustainable lasting relationships that provide well-being, prosperity, and respect for the people and land where we work. In a strong partnership everyone must contribute to ensure a deep understanding of each other’s philosophies and best practices. Infracon has dedicated resources tasked with this responsibility as shown in our First Nations partnerships, recruitment policies and procurement policies.
    We operate throughout Western Canada with site locations in Dawson Creek, Kamloops, Kitimat, Merritt, Prince Rupert, Terrace, & Saskatoon. Infracon provides a unique turnkey offering in earth moving, surveying, under grounds and other site services; and coming soon, piling capability. Our goal is to provide top-tier solutions that utilize today’s most efficient technology and equipment to keep our projects on time and on budget.

    • We…are an execution, service-based organization focused on our client’s needs.
    • We…are open, transparent and proactive.
    • We…continue to invest in developing our people to innovate and do things differently.
    • We… operate effectively and safely.
    • We…are results oriented and accountable.
    • We…understand that our clients need to be our primary focus.
    • We…are adaptable.
    • We…are locally and community-centric.
    • We…are diverse.
    • We…are a high-performing team.
    • We…utilize leading technology.

    Our Culture

    Ownership. Open. Client Focused. Pay for Performance…..words commonly used to describe the work environment. [object object] Careers infracon diversity1
    Ownership. Open. Client Focused. Pay for Performance…..words commonly used to describe the work environment.

    Infracon is dedicated to acting in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of everyone with whom we work or come into contact. It is our belief that successful business relationships are fostered with respect, compassion, integrity, and inclusion. Our main goal is that all interactions are ethical, and ultimately beneficial for all stakeholders.

    Our safety culture is deeply rooted within our operations. As a core value, Safety. No Excuses., our safety program is built on the participation and cooperation of all employees at all levels, with senior management commitment in every area.

    Infracon hosts an annual safety and cultural awareness forum whereby operations are shut down to ensure that the mandatory attendance is met. Hosted by our HSE Manager, staff from all operations come together to collectively review safety trends, review updates to the program and provide an open forum for discussion of relevant safety topics. Boasting an excellent safety record, we use this opportunity to facilitate continuous growth and improvement across all our safety programs.

    The second part of this day is dedicated to cross-cultural awareness training. Our partners present a wide array of topics to educate our workforce on their traditional lands, culture and environmental practices.


    Equitable Employment

    Diversity and inclusion are part of the Infracon culture.

    Make an impact…..No matter what you do at Infracon, you play a part in pushing the future forward. [object object] Careers infracon diversity
    Make an impact…..No matter what you do at Infracon, you play a part in pushing the future forward.

    Infracon strives to be a leader of inclusion, we have a strict no barriers to entry or advancement in our recruiting, hiring or training process. Our recruitment strategy actively participates in local communities as we embrace an environment that attracts, develops and retains individuals with a wide range of skills and backgrounds.

    We see diversity as more than just a policy. By recognizing our employee’s backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, our employees feel included, valued and empowered to bring great ideas to the table.

    Compensation Packages

    We are competitive - Infracon has a carefully crafted recipe on different forms of compensation to meet the diverse needs of our various employee groups.

    We pay and reward for performance based on corporate profits with a continuous eye towards the needs and objectives of the business – now and in the future.


    Infracon has a long-standing commitment to have a strong local presence in the communities in which we operate. We believe as successful members of the community, we recognize and embrace our social responsibility to make a difference in the communities in which we live and work.

    We Invest in communities in a variety of ways; donations, scholarships, bursaries, volunteer work.
    We encourage our employees to volunteer by matching their interests and passions and leveraging their strengths, capabilities and expertise to individuals and/or organizations that they are passionate about. Whether that be a run for charity, delivering Christmas hampers, helping at local schools, providing training in the community; we support our employees getting involved and giving back to the community.

    Indigenous Commitment

    Infracon acknowledges that Aboriginal and Treaty rights of Indigenous people in Canada are recognized, affirmed and protected by the Canadian Constitution.
    We are committed to building sustainable lasting relationships that provide well-being, prosperity, and respect for the people / land where we work. As such, we strive to work with Indigenous peoples within the Canadian legal and constitutional framework using our model of inclusion through partnerships, joint ventures and working agreements.
    We begin with, and maintain throughout, sensitivity concerning the communities where we operate throughout the project. We believe in supporting Indigenous culture and traditional values and have full-time, dedicated Indigenous representatives to optimize the needs and requirements of all projects and partnerships.
    Infracon is committed to long-term capacity building with Indigenous Peoples through employment and training, including but not limited to:

    • first offer of refusal for employment
    • identifying opportunities and strategies to ensure sustainable development
    • mentorship and job coaching to transition project workers to career positions
    • collaborate with our partners to develop appropriate training programs for members who may need additional support (i.e., verbal exams for anyone who may have challenges
    • summer internship opportunities and work practicums
    • working with unions and universities to improve career-training opportunities
    • Safety and project specific training requirements

    Tech & Equip.


    Our mission is to deliver quality efficient full range construction survey, 3D design, and GPS machine control solutions. We believe in critical thinking and are focused on staying ahead of the industry curve by redefining the industry itself.

    We make it our business to find new ways to utilize cutting edge GPS systems and technology packages on all types of construction projects. By using 3D modelling we can also spot issues and obstacles before they happen; and as a direct result we save our clients’ money time and time again.


    Infracon takes pride in ensuring we have top notch equipment and that our fleet is proactively maintained for our highly skilled operators. We aim to offer professional and efficient services, to serve our clients to the best of our ability and to strive for continuous improvement.

    Drive the future. [object object] Careers Rock Truck
    Drive the future.

    We continuously scan the market and listen to our client’s needs in order to provide the equipment they require for the completion of their diverse range of projects and applications.
    Coupled with the technology to ensure efficiencies Infracon actively recruits operators to run our extensive fleet of:

    • Excavators (50, 135, 205, 225, 350, 450, 470, 800)
    • Dozers (700, 750, 850, D7, D8, D9)
    • Graders (JD 772)
    • Rock Truck 30T (JD 300 & Terex TA30)
    • Rock Truck 40T (JD 410)
    • Loaders (744, 844, 966)
    • Packers
    • Crew Trucks (½ Ton, ¾ Ton, 1 Ton)

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    Our Hiring Philosophy

    Our objective is to ensure we have the right structure and people within our company to enable us to deliver the highest possible value to our clients.

    We strive to attract and hire quality candidates that enhance our workforce. Attraction strategies will differ depending on the role we are looking for fill. Our hiring process ensure we get the right fit for the right person in the right job, but most importantly, we hire people whose values and attitudes fit the values and attitudes of our company.